Welcome to the Seven Sisters Gallery of Morro Bay blog. Where we write of artists and art, stones and styles and all things artisan.

Visit us here to learn about our artists, our newest pieces, and how to care for them. Read about our monthly Art Walk, the history of stones, and the many wonderful happenings around our lovely hometown. And while you’re here, leave us a tip or two as well. We’re always learning from our customers and we welcome your input.

If you’re ever able to make it to our wonderful seaside town of Morro Bay, California stop in to our gallery and say “hello”, and check out the work of over 30 different designers and artists. Influenced by the beauty of our location on the central coast of California, Seven Sisters Gallery carries beautiful, and extraordinary one of a kind items of jewelry, art, and gifts, made locally as well as from around the world.

You can find us at Seven Sisters Gallery, 601 Embarcadero # 8, Morro Bay, CA  93442-2281. Call us for store hours at (805) 772-9955.

And we’re now online at www.sevensistersgalleryca.com.

Home of the Morro Rock Bracelet


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Susan

    Hi, I was trying to post my review of the MB sterling and gold rock ring for $105.00 and it said, it won’t post it because I didn’t buy it. Yet, I actually bought 2 of them in 2013. One for my sister Leona and one for myself. You see that year my sister and I went on our annual sisterhood trip with 2 of our other sister-friends. She wanted this ring badly, as she saw it in an ad and this was why we revisited Seven Sisters as we normally do. I surprised her and bought it for her that day for her birthday and also purchased myself one. Morro Bay holds a special place in my heart and where my sister first showed me this beautiful town back in 1970. We love it here and visited it a lot. Unfortunately, my sister passed away in November 2014 on our annual sisterhood trip as she again took me to Hawaii for my first time for both our birthdays. She was quite a tour guide. She passed away in my arms in beautiful Hawaii, her other favorite place. But, this ring meant so much to me, as it was my sisters favorite place to visit too. Sadly and stupidly I accidentally picked up the ring with some papers and tossed it away last night. I am so heartbroken as tears run down my cheeks as this was “our” place and now my ring is gone. I want to reorder it, although it won’t mean the same thing now that Sissy is gone, but it will still remind me of her and our time together. This ring is beautiful, I wore it daily and received so many comments on how pretty it was. You won’t be disappointed by this ring at all.

    1. SevenSistersGalleryCa Post author

      Hi Susan, I am moved to tears. And so sorry for the loss of your sister. What a beautiful letter. I am one of seven sisters (only coincidence that the store is also named Seven Sisters. as it’s named after the Seven Morro’s) and I know how special that sister relationship is. From John O’Donohue, the poem that has brought me comfort during grief:
      Beannacht / Blessing

      On the day when
      the weight deadens
      on your shoulders
      and you stumble,
      may the clay dance
      to balance you.
      And when your eyes
      freeze behind
      the grey window
      and the ghost of loss
      gets in to you,
      may a flock of colours,
      indigo, red, green,
      and azure blue
      come to awaken in you
      a meadow of delight.

      When the canvas frays
      in the currach of thought
      and a stain of ocean
      blackens beneath you,
      may there come across the waters
      a path of yellow moonlight
      to bring you safely home.

      May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
      may the clarity of light be yours,
      may the fluency of the ocean be yours,
      may the protection of the ancestors be yours.
      And so may a slow
      wind work these words
      of love around you,
      an invisible cloak
      to mind your life.

      ― John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

      1. Susan Brooks

        That brought me to tears, it’s beautiful. Truly not only do you have a beautiful store, but you also have beautiful kind hearts as well.. I am going to copy that and print it out to read when I’m missing my Sissy, Leona to help ease my heart. You truly are angels on earth..Thank you for your kindness.

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